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Complete range of vacuum skin packaging machines

What is vacuum skin packaging

Vacuum skin packaging is an innovative packaging technology that offers attractive 3D presentation and maximum freshness durability for your premium food products. The VSP vacuum skin packaging machine seals and locks the product to the bottom container by a specially designed ultra soft and transparent skin packaging film, the product is contained on a pre-made skin packaging tray, paper cardboard, or thermoformed tray. The skin packaging film tightly encapsulates the food products and looks like a second skin on the product.

vacuum skin packaging machine

What makes vacuum skin packaging stand out from the other packaging methods is that VSP packaging is much more attractive to consumers than any other packaging, while extends the foods’ shelf life to an expected period.

Yide Machinery offers full range of vacuum skin packaging machines with different productivities and prices to meet the unique needs of customers.

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Vacuum Skin Packaging Machines

vacuum skin pack machine

Tabletop type LSP350

vacuum skin packaging machine

Skin Pack Machine LSP760

vacuum skin packaging machine

Vertical Skin Pack Machine

inline continuous vacuum skin packaging machine

Inline Skin Pack Machine

VSP Vacuum Skin Packaging

VSP vacuum skin packaging is a perfect packaging solution that greatly extend food’s shelf life with minimum addition of preservatives, while offers professional & beautiful package appearance.

vacuum skin pack machine

VSP vacuum skin packaging is very suitable for packaging, presentation, and storage of high-quality premium food products, including fresh and frozen meat products, seafood products, ready meals, cheese products, frozen durian pulps, and many more. The “second skin” can effectively preserve the freshness and extend the shelf-life of the food products, by eliminating almost all the air from the packages. Vacuum skin packaging film also holds the food products firmly in the skin pack tray so that you never need to worry about leaks or purges.

What is vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

Vacuum skin packaging machine is a series of packaging machine that evacuate the air in the plastic trays or paper cardboards, seal the package with transparent skin pack film which firmly hold the food products to adhere to the trays/cardboards. Vacuum skin packaging machine is also known as skin pack machine, skin packaging machine.

Our vacuum skin packaging machines are available in a variety of designs, specifications, and configurations to meet the needs of vacuum skin packaging of numerous food products, from meat to seafood, poultry, ready meals, durians, etc. We are proud to provide the best equipment in the industry and are committed to continuously improve the vacuum skin packaging machines to their perfection.

How does vacuum skin packaging machine work

There are several types of vacuum skin packaging machine, semi-automatic or fully automatic machines, which might be different in the exact working process, but as a same packaging technology, all the packaging machines share similar general processes.The marin part of whole vacuum skin packaging process is completed in the vacuum sealing chamber, where vacuum skin packaging machine uses heat (to soften the skin pack film) and vacuum to pull the transparent and flexible top skin film to seal and adhere the product tightly to the trays (pre-made or thermoformed) or cardboards. All atmosphere is removed from inside the package and the product is held in place within this “second skin”.

  1. The food product is placed in a vacuum skin packaging tray, or on a cardboard
  2. The skin pack tray and product is placed in the mold of the vacuum skin packaging machine
  3. The mold is placed into vacuum sealing chamber, or automatically slided into vacuum sealing chamber
  4. In vacuum sealing chamber, the air in package is completely evacuated, sealing film heated and drawn to adhere to skin pack tray
  5. Automatic cut the sealing machine, or manually cut
vacuum skin pack

The types of vacuum skin packaging machines overview

We offer various types of vacuum skin packaging machines of different productivities and prices. Most vacuum skin packaging mahcines use pre-made skin pack trays, or cardboards. Thermoforimng vacuum skin packaging machine uses a roll of rigid plastic to form the trays automatically.

  1. Tabletop type skin pack machine LSP250/350: Premade skin pack trays or cardboards; Manual cut sealing film
  2. Floor type semi-auto vacuum skin packaging machine LSP760: Premade skin pack trays or cardboards; Manual cut sealing film
  3. Vertical type vacuum packaging machine: Premade skin pack trays; Automatic cut sealing film
  4. Inline automatic vacuum skin packaging machine:Premade skin pack trays; Automatic cut sealing film
  5. Thermoforming automatic vacuum skin packaging machine: Trays formed by rigid forming (lower) film automatically; Product manually or automatically filled to formed trays.

Customers can easily find their right machines as per budget plan, productivity, labor-saving requirement, etc.

Tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine

This small size vacuum skin packaging machine is a perfect solution for business beginners and laboratory purpose. It’s neat designed, compact with minimum area cover, and affordable price. This vacuum skin packaging machine is meant to be put on top of a table to work.

The smallest tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine we offer is LSP250 which has a small vacuum chamber to hold 1 Pc of 24*17 cm size skin pack tray. If you need the machine only for laboratory purpose, LSP250 is the right one.

LSP350 is the most popular tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine because it’s able to hold 2 PCs of 24*17 cm size skin pack trays, and the packaging speed can be up to 200 packs/hour, an ideal speed to small to medium skin pack business.

To know more about our tabletop vacuum skin packaging machines, please visit the product page.

tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine

Floor type semi-auto vacuum skin packaging machine LSP760

LSP760 share the same feature as our tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine LSP350, except LSP760 machine is upgraded with more powerful vacuum pump and bigger vacuum chamber which allows it to hold more skin pack tray. For example, for trays size 24*17cm, the machine can take 8 Pcs per packaging cycle, which offers the possible productivity of around 1000 packs/hour.

LSP760 is the fastest-speed and most economic vacuum skin packaging machine that we recommend the most. And it can process products in both skin pack trays and cardboards by simply change the mold.

Except for the regular LSP760A, we have the upgraded LSP760B vacuum skin packaging machine, with which you can not only do regular vacuum skin packages, but also super protrude vacuum skin packages, which means the food product can be much higher than the skin pack tray/cardboard. The maximum height of the food can be up to 12 cm.

To know more about LSP760 vacuum skin packaging machines, please visit the product page.

vacuum skin packaging machine

LSP760 vacuum skin packaging machine, touch screen version

Vertical vacuum skin packaging machine LSP450

Vertical vacuum skin packaging machine LSP450 enables automatic cutting of the sealing films, which makes it more convenient than LSP760 machine. However the packaging speed of LSP450 is about 400 packs/hour, which is slower.

Why LSP450 automatic vacuum skin packaging machine is slower than LSP760 manual type skin pack machine? Because:

  1. The vacuum chamber of LSP450 is much smaller than LSP760. Again take 24*17 cm skin pack tray for example, the vacuum chamber of LSP450 can hold 4 Pcs of the trays, while LSP760 can hold 8 Pcs per packaging cycle.
  2. For LSP450 machine, the mold slides in&out of the vacuum chamber, which takes about 10 seconds in total; Plus the time for the operator to put the trays into the mold, and take the trays out of the mold, which is about 10 seconds in total; Plus regular vacuum time, usually 20 seconds or more. So you see, on a LSP450 vavcuum skin packaging machine, a whole skin packaging machine actually takes about 40 seconds.

I understand some sellers claim their vertical vacuum skin packaging machine can do 700, 800, or even 1000 packs per hour. Well, it’s not true. But the machine still worth because it automatically cut the sealing film, which save a lot of manpower.

To know more about LSP450 vacuum skin packaging machines, please visit the product page.

vertical VSP vacuum skin packaging machine

Inline type vacuum skin packaging machine LSP550

LSP550 vacuum skin packaging machine allows the skin pack trays slide into the vacuum chamber from 1 direction, and slide out of the vacuum chamber from another direction, which minimize the process timeand enhance packaging speed to about 500-700 packs/hour.

To know more about LSP550 vacuum skin packaging machine, please visit the product page.

inline continuous vacuum skin packaging machine

Thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine

Thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine no longer uses premade skin pack trays, but automatically form the trays in the forming chamber by a roll of rigid bottom film. The tray size and shape is determined by the pre-designed mold. Thermoforming vacuum skin packaging is the most advanced skin pack machine, and the cost (around USD100000) is much more than any other vacuum skin packaging machines that use premade trays.

What are the benefits of Vacuum Skin Packaging

Reasons VSP vacuum skin packaging can be a great enhancement to your business

VSP vcuum skin packaging technology has been evolved since it was invented and applied to food packaging. With new skin pack technologies, vacuum skin packaging machines, and modern materials, VSP is becoming one of the most common packaging options for the various food products. The advantages and benefits of vacuum skin packaging lie in the below points:

1. Shelf-life extension.

Vacuum skin packaging removes almost all the air from the package, keeps the food from exposure to oxygen, thereby inhibit microbial growth and prevent oxidation, prevent food spoilage, prolong shelf-life, maintain the taste, color, and nutritional value of packaged products. The shelf life of the VSP package is nearly double that of a traditional MAP package, and about four times longer than a stretch-wrapped product.

Extended shelf-life of food products helps to reduce food waste, and also helps to prevent food safety issues by protects against food spoilage, leakage, and contamination.

2. Minimize the use of preservatives

Combine with freezer storage, vacuum skin packaging can prolong food’s shelf life to an expected period without the using of preservatives. This feature is super attractive to end-consumers who are pursuing heahth and natural food styles.

3. Vacuum skin packaging help to prevent freezer burns

Food products in vacuum skin packaging are often stored in freezer environment where the temperature is lower than -18°C. Without appropriate packaging, food products will lose moisture and get freeer burn. But with vacuum skin packaging, the air in the package is totally reduced, and with the help of high-barrier skin pack materials, the moisture is well kept in the package so that freezer burn is prevented.

4. Vacuum skin packaging prevents liquid migration

We all know the purge of liquids in a package helps the growth of spoilage bacteria and reduces the shelf-life of food products, so we always try to prevent purge and liquid migration. So far, there’s no other packaging method doing it better than vacuum skin packaging, because the sealing film combines together with the food and plasitc tray, so the liquid inside is locked and never flow around the package.

This great feature allows vacuum skin packaging to pack food products that contain soups and sauces, such as ready meals, and also meat and fish products that contains blood and juices.

ready meals vacuum skin pack

Vacuum skin pack locks soups to prevent migration

5. Vacuum skin packaging can be a powerful brand-building tool

The packages processed by vacuum skin packaging machine have a great 3D appearance and see-through feature because of the transparent flexible sealing film. There is usually no printing to the sealing film, but a pre-printed label with brand name can be applied to vacuum skin packages.

Because of these features, food products in vacuum skin packaging is one of the most visually attractive section for end-consumers in supermarkets, grocery stores and food shops.

With the help of cold chain transportation, it’s becoming easier for food products to be sold to natural wide area, or even worldwide countries. For example, Musang King durian is so welcomed in China market, but the origin is in Malaysia. Now more and more durian exporters in Malaysia is using vacuum skin packaging technology and cold chain shipping to export Musang King durian to China, with their own label and brand name.

Frozen durian vacuum skin packaging machine-premade trays

In the ready meals market, end-consumers love the conveniences brought by vacuum skin packaging, because it significantly reduce the prepare time to cook. With the use of microwavable material, ready meals in vacuum skin packaging could be directly put in microwave to cook after they are taking out of freezers.

6. Vacuum skin packaging makes food storage and presentation more convenient

The bottom rigid skin pack tray provides dependable support and protection to food product inside vacuum skin packaging, during the process of transportation, storage and display on shelf, make sure end-consumers receive the product in its original condition without any damages to its appearance, flavor and color.

Supportive skin pack trays or cardboards allows vertical display of the packages, or hang on the hooks, provide more options when they are showcased to customers.

What products can be packed by our vacuum skin packaging machines

Vacuum skin packaging is a great option for packaging of premium food products. Our vacuum skin packaging machines are perfectly designed for various food products, include:

  1. Meat products: Beef blocks, ground beef, beef steaks, pork meat, venison, smoked meat, sausages, ham slices, etc
  2. Poultry products: Chicken thigh, chicken chest meat, duck chest meat, whole roast chicken, goose livers, turkey meat, etc
  3. Fish and seafood: Whole fish, fish fillets, salmon fillets, tuna fish, cod fillets, lobster tails, shrimps, crabs, etc
  4. Ready meals
  5. Cheese portions
  6. Frozen durian pulps
vacuum skin packaging machine

What’s the shelf life of food products in vacuum skin packaging

When it comes to this topic, we need to understand the vacuum skin packaging is actually a special type of vacuum packaging, they share the same feature: Vacuum, air is evacuated from the packages. The aerobic bacterias are inhibited in the vacuum environment, but anaerobic bacterias are still there and ready to grow any time. And for most food products in vacuum skin packaging, you want to keep them fresh so high-temperature sterilization is not an option.

So the shelf life of food products in vacuum skin packaging is very much depend on the storage and display temperature.

Just as regular vacuum packaging, if kept in freezer, shelf life of food products in vacuum skin packaging can be prolonged to 12-24 months. Unfortunately, in most cases, we would like to display the foods on the shelf so that consumers can buy them fast. In this case, the environemnt temperature would be around 3 ℃, and the shelf life of foods will be about 21-30 days.

How much does a vacuum skin packaging machine cost

The price of vacuum skin packaging machine surely is one of the most concerned questions. Maybe you just need to make a budget plan before receiving a formal quotation, or just need the related data for some kind of research.

Either way, hopefully the following information could be helpful. The rough price range of our vacuum skin packaging machines are as follows (all are FOB prices):

  1. Tabletop vacuum skin packaging machines LSP250/350/380 series: There are 3 models to choose, but these machines are not available for customization, all the specifications are preset and cannot change. The price range of our small tabletop vavcuum skin packaging machines are USD1600-2400/set. For price details, please visit the product page.
  2. Floor type vacuum skin packaging machines LSP760 series: There are 2 models to choose – LSP760A and LSP760B, the difference is the product height they can process. LSP760A can process products height maximum 6cm, while LSP760B can process products height maximum 12cm. LSP760 vacuum skin packaging machines are not available for customization. The price range is USD7600-9400/set. For machine specificaiton and price details, please visit product page.
  3. Vertical vacuum skin pakaging machine LSP450 series: This machine is customizable according to skin pack tray size. Price starts from USD12000/set
  4. Inline vacuum skin packaging machine LSP550 series is also customizable according to tray size, price starts from USD30000/set
  5. Thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine costs the most, and the price is around USD100000/set

Vacuum skin packaging materials

There are several types of vacuum skin packaging that use different material combinations: Pre-made rigid trays and skin pack film; Thermoforming film for rigid tray forming and skin pack film; Paperboard and skin pack film.Vacuum skin packaging is specifically distinguished by the use of thin, transparent plastic film, also known as skin pack film, over skin pack trays composed of strong, durable, leak-proof materials (usually PP, CPET). Skin pack film, largely composed of polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), adheres differently to varying substrate materials, so it is important to understand the physical properties of the different tray materials in order to choose the best option for your product. Please contact us for skin pack materials.

  • Skin Pack Film: Skin pack films should be transparent, soft, durable, and flexible enough to package products of various shapes and sizes
  • CPET Skin Pack Trays: Crystalline polyethylene terephthalate (CPET) trays are durable, heat-resistant, and microwave-safe, making them ideal for ready-to-eat VSP packaging.
  • PP Skin Pack Trays: Polypropylene (PP) skin trays are more flexible than CPET trays and are usually used for packaging fresh and pre-cooked foods.
  • Paper cardboard: Laminated paperboard is increasing in popularity with VSP applications as it allows for better merchandising and presentation. Also, it reduces the amount of plastic used in the process. It is especially popular for cheeses, fish, and other meats.

How to choose vacuum skin packaging machine

There are several types of vacuum skin packaging machines with different specificaitons, features and prices, so when there’s a plan to purchase vacuum skin packaging machine for your business, we have the following advices to give:

  1. Clearly understand the requirement of productivity, if the needing of vacuum skin packaging machine is for experimental purpose or bulk production purpose, how many packs needed to be processed per hour
  2. Determine budget plan: The price of vacuum skin packaging machines ranges from USD1600 to USD100000. Before make the decision to purchase, you should do it according to your budget plan.
  3. Pay attention to the quality of the vacuum skin packaging machines and the service of the manufacturer: the same vacuum skin packaging machine might be made of different materials and have different specifications, and the price will be quite different. The after-sales service of different manufacturers will also vary. Professional vacuum skin packaging machine manufacturers like Yide Machinery Co., Ltd. can provide professional products, services and consulting services.
  4. If you ar enot sure, check our most recommended vacuum skin packaging machine LSP760, which is the most cost effective (FOB price under USD10000), and has ideal productivity of around 1000 packs per hour. LSP760 is semi-automatic vacuum skin packaging machine that needs operator to cut the film manually, but the cutting process is very easy with the help of the mold, and you can use 2-3 molds so that they can work alternatively to reach very high packaging speed.

Vacuum skin packaging machine Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use vacuum skin packaging to my food products2022-02-22T14:14:11+00:00

Because vacuum skin packaging, as a premium packaging technology, helps your business in quite a few ways.

  1. Vacuum skin packaging is the most attractive packaging you can ever imagine. The natural 3D appearance thoroughly showcases  your product’s features and advantages to consumers. Plus, while the consumers can see clearly what they are buying, they feel assured to the purchase.
  2. Vacuum skin packaging extends your product’s shelf life to over 21 days under natural environment. Within freezing temperature, the shelf life can be extended to months.
  3. Premium product together with premium packaging type froms unbeatable advantages in your brand building.
I want to use vacuum skin packaging, but the cost is much more than regular vacuum packaging2022-02-23T06:41:17+00:00

Yes, this is true. That’s why vacuum skin packaging is often used for premium food products. And consumers are willing to pay for the extra cost because of the advanges of vacuum skin packaging.

I’d like to try vacuum skin packaging, do you have any small vacuum skin packaging machines?2022-03-05T06:22:27+00:00

Yes. Yide Machinery provides tabletop vacuum skin packaging machine LSP250 and LSP350, which are especially designed for entry-level vacuum skin packaging production. The machines are fit for small food shops, grocery stores, supermarkets, home use, and for testing purpose in food factories.

What’s the material cost of each unit of vacuum skin packaging2022-02-23T06:54:28+00:00

The material cost (vacuum skin pack tray+skin pack film) of vacuum skin packaging is different according to tray size. Generally the cost is about USD 0.15-0.25 each unit.

Do you supply the vacuum skin packaging trays and films2022-07-20T14:10:39+00:00

Yes, we can supply the vacuum skin packaging trays and films.

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