Manual Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine LSP760

vacuum skin packaging machine

Manual VSP vacuum skin packaging machine LSP760 is a larger version of tabletop skin pack machine LSP350. LSP760 has more powerful vacuum pump (100m3/h), and is able to handle more packages at one time.

This series of skin pack machine is compact designed for minimum area cover to save space, ideal for small food shops and supermarkets that have the needs of vacuum skin pack for their fresh food products – Seafood, meat, cheese, etc.


  1. For small to large business owner, food shops and factories
  2. Control options to choose from: Relay control, or Touch screen PLC control
  3. High production capacity
  4. Made of SUS304 stainless steel for best durability and food hygiene

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Product nameManual vacuum skin packaging machine
Model numberLSP760
Total power6 KW
Power supplyIndustrial grade power supply
Skin pack film width760 mm
Vacuum chamber size850*570*140 mm
Machine dimension1000*980*1020 mm
Packaging material1. Premade skin pack trays, or cardboard

2. Skin pack film

PriceStart from USD 7000, FOB price
Vacuum pump optionsChina brand vacuum pump, or BUSCH vacuum pump, 100m3/h
Control method optionsRelay control, or PLC touch screen control


Vacuum skin packaging machine LSP760 main components

vacuum skin pack machine

Vacuum skin pack machine LSP760 features

Manual vacuum skin packaging machine LSP760 is ideal skin pack equipment for small scale food business, including meat processing factories, seafood and fish processing factories, supermarkets, small food shops, small farms, etc.

  1. The LSP760 skin pack machine is made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel, no rust, no deformation, in accordance with food-hygiene regulations
  2. Robust machine structure guarantees the longest service life
  3. Easy to operate. Adjustable vacuum time and heating temperature by Relay control or PLC touch screen.
  4. Fit both plastic skin trays and cardboards
  5. Fit 8 trays (tray size 24*17) per cycle (various quantity for different size skin pack trays and cardboard size), 2 cycles per minute.
  6. Wide application range: Vacuum skin packaging machine LSP760 is perfect for skin pack of high-value meat products, beef, pork, fish and seafood products, lobsters, salmon fillets, durian pulps, cheese portions, etc
  7. Powerful vacuum pump guarantees best skin pack quality, standard vacuum pump is BUSCH R5-RA0100F, 100m3/h.
  8. Moving wheels for easy machine move to anywhere
  9. Small machine size, save space
  10. Industrial grade power supply. We can customize it to fit your local electricity specifications.

Vacuum skin pack samples

vacuum skin pack samples

vacuum skin packaging machine

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